Calí is an editor and director, associated with the production company Suma Filmes (Rio de Janeiro) and editor for I Hate Flash and Prodigious. His projects are mainly focused on queer issues. He directed and edited the short film Tailor (supported by Rio Filme), selected in more than 130 festivals in 2017, among which are the International Animation Festival Anima Mundi (São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro), the Dok Leipzig, the Queer Lisboa (“Audience Award”) and Chéries-Chéries in Paris. He also edited the Drag-Se web-series, broadcast on the Canal Brasil channel, as well as pilot of the Drag-Se Summer House series (Best Entertainment Pilot Award at the International Audiovisual Festival in Rio de Janeiro).


Claire Rumore is a coach, counselor and professional confidant based in the San Francisco Bay Area working with individuals and couples who desire to understand themselves as multidimensional sexual, spiritual, and relational beings.  Her areas of interest include non-dual tantra, sexual shadow integration, emotional intelligence, attachment styles, erotic blueprints, and what she calls Conscious Hedonism – or the embrace of desire and pleasure as a path for Awakening. She is also a senior faculty member at the Shakti Shiva Academy, co-leading retreats and online intensives about Sexual Shadow Integration as well as Sexual Awakening for Women.

Craca Beat AND Dani Nega

Winners of the Brazilian Music Professionals Awards, the duo and true “musical uprising” has already participated of leading Brazilian festivals. Their performances oftentimes include an audiovisual dimension conceived by Craca Beat, who is also an artist: the videomapping system is synchronized to the musical equipment, offering a true audiovisual immersion to the concert, supporting Dani Nega’s political discourse. The duo has also released music video “Papo Reto”, directed by the award-winning documentary director Day Rodrigues (Femmes noires, Projets de monde), and several of their tracks were featured in different films, such as “Chega de Fiu Fiu”.


Erica Malunguinho é transativista, arte-ativista, pretativista, agitadora cultural e educadora. Mestra em Estética e História da Arte. Tornou-se a primeira deputada estadual trans eleita no Brasil, em 2018, com mais de 55 mil votos no estado de São Paulo. Nascida no Estado de Pernambuco, vive em São Paulo há 17 anos. Antes de entrar na política institucional, trabalhou na educação de crianças e adolescentes, com ampla atuação na formação de professores. Erica é conhecida por ter parido, na região central da cidade de São Paulo, um quilombo urbano de nome Aparelha Luzia, território de circulação de artes, culturas e políticas pretas, visível também como instalação estético-política, zona de afetividade e bioma das inteligências negras.


Human Rights Officer at UNHCR in New York working on sexual orientation and gender identity. Formerly Senior Maghreb Region Officer (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Libya) and Nordic Project Manager, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Development at the World Bank. He was President of the GLOBE World Bank initiative. , LGBT+ group of bank employees.


Activist and activist in the fight against AIDS and for the rights of trans-migrant women in France. Giovanna is the founder and president of Acceptess-Transgender (Concrete Conciliatory Actions: Education, Prevention, Work, Equity, Health and Sport for Transgender), an association that defends the rights of the most vulnerable transgender people with an intersectional prism.


Jean Wyllys is a Brazilian professor, journalist and politician who became famous after winning the fifth season of Big Brother Brasil. He was also the second openly gay member of parliament, in Brazil. He has been compared to Harvey Milk, thanks to his work.


Joao Gabriell is a Pan-African Guadeloupe transgender activist who has been living in France for about ten years. Joao is part of the United Front of Immigrations and Neighborhoods (FUIQP) and is a member of the Movement of Liberation Afro (MLA) created in 2017. In his blog, “The blog of Joao”, he writes about (neo) colonialism and on Pan-Africanism, racism, gender and sexism.


Lea T. is a Brazilian-born, Italian-raised transgender woman and a fashion model. She is the muse of Riccardo Tisci, creative director of French luxury brand Givenchy; her professional last name of “T” stands for Tisci. She is the face of American hair-care brand Redken, and one of the most famous models in the world. She is also a pop culture icon of transgender advocacy in the LGBT+ community. She has stated that discrimination against LGBT+ people is an ongoing issue, and that society has more to do before it is resolved.


33 years old, Brazilian lesbian activist born and raised in the Maré favela, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Human rights activists, feminist, LGBTI+ activist, urban planner holding a bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and a master’s degree (thesis on Violence and Right to the City), partner of Rio de Janeiro city councilor Marielle Franco, victim of a political killing.


Brazilian trans dancer and choreographer living in France since 2013. His work questions identities and addresses the deconstruction of genders through different imputs, such as the relationship to history, language, myths or urban space. He is one of the initiators of the TRANS’ON’DANSE project, regular movement workshops by and for trans, non-binary or questioning people, organized in collaboration with the Acceptess-Transgenres association.


Pri is a social artist that identifies as Gender Queer. Founder and President of the [SSEX BBOX], social justice project which operates in San Francisco, São Paulo, Berlim and Barcelona, using creative skills in multimedia art, somatic approach and Non Violent Communication to work with people and organizations in these communities to bring a new way of thinking and being, and to offer social challenges to the world. Working in partnership with the Center for Sex and Culture, which has one of the largest collections of gender and sexuality works of the United States.


Rodrigo é Gerente de Projetos de D&I (Diversidade e Inclusão) na Uber e vice-presidente da EMEA da Pride @ Uber. Ele é apaixonado por D&I no local de trabalho, especialmente pela comunidade LGBTQI+. Natural do Brasil, Rodrigo é bacharel em Psicologia, trabalhou com RH em diferentes países e se voluntariou como conselheiro de refugiados LGBT em toda a Europa.


A sociologist who introduced queer theory and queer politics in France, Sam Bourcier is a queer and transfeminist activist. He is a professor at the University of Lille where he teaches cultural studies, feminist and queer theories and performance studies. Author of the trilogy of the Queer Zones (Paris, Amsterdam, 2018) and Homo INC.orporated, The Triangle and the Unicorned Unicorn (Paris, Cambourakis, 2017) which will be translated into Brazilian in 2019, he has published numerous articles on gender, sexuality, pornography and post-pornography, sexual cultures, minorities and discrimination in France and abroad.

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